West Bank Motorcycle Club
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A brief look at the WBMC:

The West Bank Motorcycle Club welcomes all riders and all brands of motorcycles to join us, to ride and share with us the love of riding.
Ride with us, if you like us join us. This is a dues paying club!    The Annual Dues is $25.
>>To Join the WBMC just show up for a ride<<



The West Bank Motorcycle Club was started in 1969 by university students. In its first year it rode out of Coffman Union. It then moved to the west bank area the next season. West Bank Motorcycle Club rides leave Whiskey Junction at 6:30pm on Wednesdays and 12:00 pm on Saturdays.  The WBMC rides the last Saturday in April through the end of September. The first ride is a potluck style event.

We ride in staggered formation, not side by side;  We do not block intersections to let the bikes through. Be courteous to other vehicles, letting them merge in or pass through the formation allowing them access to an exit.

The ride is led by a Road Captain who makes up the route and then pre-rides it to become familiar with it. The Road Captain will make 80-90 maps for Wednesdays and 20-30 for Saturdays and will post one on the bulletin board. The Road Captain appoints a Tail Rider who will wear an orange WBMC vest. The Tail Rider lines up with the Road Captain for the start of the ride and then falls into line when the last bike in line goes by. The Road Captain will signal when a corner needs to be marked by rising the left fist overhead.

The next person behind the Road Captain will be the Corner Marker. Corner Marker's will signal the Road Captain and the other riders that they will mark the corner by raising their left fist over their head and then pull off the road in a safe position so that those following can see where they need to turn. The Corner Marker will stay at their corner until the Tail Rider (rider wearing the orange WBMC vest) signals you to fall in at the rear of the ride. The Tail Rider will signal you with lights or horn. You will then proceed from your position when it is safe to do so, falling in line in front of the Tail Rider.

To receive a ride credit you must be a current paid member. You must sign in at the ride destination. If the destination will exceed the mileage limits, 50 miles on Wednesday and 90 miles on Saturday, a sign-in will be extended at those limits to those that need to leave the ride at that point. The sign-in counts for ride credits that go towards year patches and trophies.

When the ride exceeds the mileage limits and you did not ride with the group you will have to go to the rides destination (where you will need to obtain proof you had arrived at said destination) to get the ride credit.
The sign in sheet will be started by the Road Captain who will then pass it on to the club Secretary. After the ride, the Road Captain will turn in a brief Ride Report to the Newsletter Editor.

After the last ride in September the WBMC holds our year-end party in the first part of October. This is a potluck event with the WBMC providing the main entree. At this time patches, trophies, and awards are handed out.

We welcome all riders and passengers to join with us in the joy of the ride.

The WBMC is a non-sanctioned motorcycle club

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