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Photos 2015   

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Photos 2014   

  • 1st West Bank Motorcycle Club ride for 2014
    RC: Scarfy
  • Dan's Bar & Grill, New Trier, MN
    RC: Mike G.
  • East to UW, Wanderoos via Paul's twisted route
    RC: Paul M.
  • Fiesta Cancun Mexican Grill & Bar, Brooklyn Park, MN
    RC: Chris B.
  • Round and Round to The Bar in Hastings, MN
    RC: Scarfy
  • Brookside Bar & Grill, Marine on St. Croix
    RC: Clay G.
  • Long way around to the Pickle Factory in Pepin, WI
    RC: Jim M.
  • Boardman Bypass on CR A in Boardman, WI
    RC: Brent G.
  • Mystic Lake for Northern Thunder motorcycle show & Thunderstorm
    RC: Dale S.
  • Palmer Lake VFW, Brooklyn Park, MN
    RC: Scarfy
  • Damp ride to Johan's Bar & Grill, Belle Plain, MN
    RC: Dale S.
  • Fine evening at Historic Hope Glen Farm, Cottage Grove, MN
    RC: Mike G.
  • Not Sex World - Big Rivers Regional Trail, Mendota Heights, MN
    RC: Smoker
  • Nauti Hawg, Diamond Bluff, WI
    RC: Neil T.
  • Cloverleaf Bar, Newport, MN
    RC: Mike G.
  • Dave T's cabin on the St. Croix
    RC: Dave T.
  • Picnic time at Turtle Lake Park, Shoreview, MN
    RC: Mike M.
  • Crab legs and Oysters at Floyd's, Victoria, MN
    RC: Neil T.
  • Hay River swimming, Wheeler, WI
    RC: Franz M.
  • Billy Bob's Pub & Grub, Rockford. MN
    RC: Milo K.
  • Ken's Lake Home on Big Carnelian Lake
    RC: Ken M.
  • Stanchion Bar & Grill, Corcoran, MN
    RC: Scarfy
  • 35th Annual Hell Hole gathering
    RC: Shy Guy
  • Northwoods Bar, Nowthen, MN
    RC: Wade W.
  • Marks Pool Party
    RC: Mark W.
  • Thunder Valley, Savage, MN
    RC: Mark C.
  • The Narrows Saloon, Wayzata, MN
    RC: Blythe B.
  • Klinkers Korner, Baldwin, WI
    RC: Mike G.
  • Mad Jacks, Brooklyn Park, MN
    RC: Neil T.
  • No Name Bar, Prescott, WI & Nauti Hawg
    RC: Scarfy
  • Johans Bar & Grill, Belle Plain, MN
    RC: Sheila S.
  • Putnams Garden
    RC: Scarfy.
  • Friday Skip Day wanderings
    RC: My GPS
  • Wades Ranch, Oak Grove, MN
    RC: Wade W.
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Photos 2013   
Bits & Pics 
  • 01.01 I-Cycle Derby 2013 
  • 03.30 Road Captains / 20 Riders Meeting 
  • 04.06 WBMC General Membership meeting  

  • 1st West Bank Motorcycle Club ride for 2013  photo collage by Sheila S
    RC: DaveM
  • Snowed Out Ride? - Not for everyone
    RC: Harald N.
  • Little Bar, White Bear Lake - Just a few drops touched us
    RC: Harald N.
  • Wanderoos - Saw some wet spot but no wet stuff touched us from above
    RC: Paul M.
  • Klinker's Korner in Baldwin, WI. Another dry ride
    RC: Mike G.
  • The Bar in Hastings. Again the rain kept it's distance.
    RC: Scarfy
  • Flip Side Pub & Grill, New Prague for the "Wheelin' for Disabled" run
    RC: Chuck S
  • Who Knows, But It Will Be Cool! - I know; It's Pepin
    RC: Mike G
  • St. Boni - Bring Swimwear & Towel!
    RC: Milo K.
  • Floyds - Hot time in the old town this evening
    RC: Neil T
  • The Corn Field Surveyor Run
    RC: Paul M.
  • Drifters - Look at all those tied up boats
    RC: Mike G
  • Scooter's in Zumbro Falls
    RC: Clay G.
  • Dans Bar, New Trier, MN
    RC: Mike G.
  • Border Bar, Taylors Falls, MN 
    RC: Bradd S.
  • Stuges Park, Buffalo, MN 
    RC: Neil T
  • Castle Rock Bar & Grill, Castle Rock, MN 
    RC: Dale S.
  • Stantion Bar, Corcoran, MN 
    RC: Scarfy
  • Hell Hole, Siren, WI 
    RC: Bardd S.
  • Freighthouse, Stillwater, MN
    RC: Neil T.
  • Spokes Bike & Ice Cream Store, St. Boni, MN
    RC: Tony D.
  • Nauti Hawg, Diamond Bluff, WI
    RC: Neil T.
  • Durand WI
    RC: Paul M.
  • Flood Run, Prescot, WI
    RC: Scarfy
  • Putnam's Garden
    RC: Scarfy
  • Last club ride of the 2013 season
    RC: Sheila S
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Photos 2012   

  • 1st West Bank Motorcycle Club ride for 2012 - Some Dampness - again;
    RC: DaveM
  • 2nd ride down the freeways to Clover Leaf - Rain stayed away
    RC: Milo
  • Dry ride to The Bar, Hastings - Then it rained lots of Cats & a couple Dogs
    RC: Scarfy
  • Shaws in NordEast
    RC: Neil T
  • Nauti Hawg, Diamond Bluff, WI
    RC: Big Red
  • Brookside, Marine on St. Croix
    RC: Amy T
  • Oh Golly, Don't Run Over the Kitty! PreRide
    RC: Paul M
  • Oh Golly, Don't Run Over the Kitty!
    RC: Paul M
  • Keenan's, St. Paul
    RC: Mike G
  • Rain Ride to Little Bar, White Bear Lake
    RC: Harald
  • Wheeler to check out the river, local swimmers & have a great meal
    RC: Twisted
  • Quiet time at Lotus Lake Park, Osceola, WI
    RC: Me
  • Egg Hunt, Henderson, MN
    RC: Mike McC
  • Lotus Lake Park with Big Red & Gang for Filet Mignon on the grill
    RC: everyone
  • Chad's B-Day, Hopkins Tavern
    RC: Chad K
  • 06.09 Sat
    Another great, twisted, ride to Plum City, WI - No Pics
    RC: Paul M.
  • 06.13 Wed
    Valley Lounge, Mpls., Great tasting (and lots of) Tacos - No Pics; again
    RC: Randy M.
  • Klinker's Korner to avoid the rain
    RC: Mike G
  • Sliding around the rain drops up to the Champlin American Legion
    RC: Scarfy
  • Mark's Birthday Ride to Mazeppa, MN - Bring Presents
    RC: Mark C.
  • Milo makes 2nd tandem jump at Winstead. [Includes photos from vern & JohnW]
    RC: Milo
  • July 4th ride to Captain's on Long Lake, Isanti, MN
    RC: Clay G.
  • Steinhaus, Vermillion
    RC: Scarfy
  • The Dog House Bar & Grill, Maplewood
    RC: PaulM.
  • Breezy Point - Camp out/fire/feed
    RC: MikeMcC.
  • Cooling off in the Hay River at Wheeler on a HOT, HOT Sunday
    RC: Various.
  • Maynard's on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior
    RC: DaleS.
  • Once again we twist on over to Wheeler, WI
    RC: JimM.
  • Leinie Lodge - Leinenkugel Brewery Tour, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Drifter's Bar & Grill
    RC: MikeG
  • Ken's Lake Home - Marine on St. Croix
    RC: KennyM
  • Ken's Lake Home - Verns Pics
    RC: KennyM
  • Bamboo Betty's - Circle Pines
    RC: Scarfy
  • Hell Hole - Webster, WI
    RC: - - -
  • Hell Hole - Webster, WI, Sunday
    RC: - - -
  • Hell Hole - Webster, WI, PaulM pics
    RC: - - -
  • Knight Cap
    RC: MarkC
  • Joe & Stans Via Hastings
    RC: Scarfy
  • Boat Drinks - Prescott
    RC: MikeB
  • Scooter's - Zumbro Falls
    RC: ClayG
  • Dan's Bar & Grill - New Trier
    RC: MikeG
  • Fall Flood Run
    RC: Scarfy
  • Hidden Harbor - St. Paul Park
    RC: MikeG
  • St. Boni
    RC: Milo
  • Putnam's Garden
    RC: Scarfy
  • Sheila had great route & beautiful day for last ride of season
    RC: SheilaS.
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Photos 2011   [If the pictures, frame, formats are not to your liking let me know what is]
Bits & Pics Mish-Mash of pictures updated from time to time & not listed/displayed elsewhere.

  • 1st West Bank Motorcycle Club ride for 2011 - from rainy to sunny
    RC: DaveM
  • Yarusso's last 1st Wednesday
    RC: MikeMcC
  • Glockenspiel in St. Paul
    RC: MikeG
  • Brookside in Marine on St. Croix
    RC: ClayG
  • Old Clover Inn, Vadnais Heights
    RC: PaulM
  • Wanderoos School House
    RC: PaulM
  • Psycho Suzi's
    RC: MarkC
  • Gabe's by the Park, St. Paul
    RC: MarkC
  • Chuggers, Cannon Falls
    RC: MikeB
  • Muddy Waters, Prescott (Threat of rain before leave time didn't pan out)
    RC: MikeG
  • Tubin' on the Sunrise River (just a touch of rain)
    RC: PaulM
  • Pioneer Park, Stillwater (rain shortened to Twin Point in Lake Elmo)
    RC: MarkC
  • KJ's Eureka Center, WI
    RC: BigRed
  • Ron's - soon to be called 'Funny Farm II'
    RC: RonH
  • Soaking in the river at Wheeler, WI
    RC: JimM
  • Windy Acres for the cars
    RC: MikeB
  • Karen's Pool Party in St. Boni
    RC: KarenB
  • Valley Lounge
    RC: FredM
  • Cascade in Osceola
    RC: JimM
  • Ken's place on Big Carnelian Lake
    RC: KenM
  • Pub Monique in Stillwater
    RC: NeilT
  • Hay River Synchronized Swimming Extravaganza in Wheeler
    RC: PaulM
  • Going the long way for the short hop down to the Cardinal
    RC: FredM Jr
  • Enjoyable ride to St. Boni
    RC: Milo
  • Sturges Park
    RC: MikeR
  • Marine on St. Croix
    RC: DebraB
  • CloverLeaf
    RC: RichH
  • Toys for Tots run
    RC: Jimbo
  • Drifters
    RC: MikeG
  • Oh Golly it off to Eau Galle again
    RC: PaulM
  • Big 10
    RC: ToddG
  • LeSueur
    RC: MarkC
  • Putnam Gardens
    RC: MarkC
  • Dug Out, Bethel
    RC: ClayG
  • Night time ride to St. Thomas Cemetery
    RC: .
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Photos 2010   [If the pictures, frame, formats are not to your liking let me know what is]
Bits & Pics Mish-Mash of pictures updated from time to time & not listed/displayed elsewhere.

  • 1st West Bank Motorcycle Club ride for 2010
    RC: MarkC
  • West Bank Motorcycle Club's first Wednesday ride for 2010
    RC: MarkE
  • Trio Inn, Centerville via Marine on St. Croix. Winnie the Pooh Windy
    RC: Franz
  • MikeG's trek to Yarusso's. Another Blustery, yet dry, evening.
    RC: MikeG
  • Cactus Jack's for free soft serve ice cream in wafer cone - and food.
    RC: JohnW
  • Cardinal Tavern via West River Parkway. Another damp, but not wet, ride
    RC: LarryS
  • Hog Wild, Henderson, MN. First SW ride in a long time. Nice route
    RC: JimS
  • Dave's place by way of Lake Street; CR19; Lk. Mtka & 101 - for hot dogs
    RC: DaveMcL
  • Dave's photo's from his most righteous ride for great dogs & fixins'
    RC: DaveMcL
  • Pickle Factory, Pepin, WI. Pick a route - We finally found the Twisties
    RC: KevinM
  • Schaar's Bluff - Hastings. Always a good place to hang out. Full moon
    RC: MikeR
  • Cascade in Osceola, WI.  Next to Lotus Lake Park & Univ. of Wanderoos
    RC: MarkE
  • Memorial Day wandering - Scouting out new club house - Dam 
    RC: Trouble
  • P. D. Pappy's, Stillwater - Lots of bikes on a very well thought out route
    RC: ToddG
  • FlipSide Pub. Rain Ride to "Wheelin' for the Disabled" Rally, New Prague
    RC: ChuckS
  • Claire's Birthday Ride to 'ol homestead for Sloppy Joe's and cake
    RC: Claire
  • ToddG's photo set of Claire's Birthday Ride
    RC: Claire
  • Chad's photo set from Claire's Birthday Ride
    RC: Claire
  • Rain Ride to the Viking Antique Motorcycle Show - State Fairgrounds
    RC: RogerR
  • Clover Leaf - Newport by way of the Ol' River route
    RC: RichardH
  • The Bar - Hastings. Scarfy makes like a buzzard circling Hastings
    RC: Scarfy
  • Viking Shrine & Karaoke Palace
    RC: MikeH
  • Lake Center Bar & Grill
    RC: Big Red
  • Carla's Birthday Ride to the Ol' Homestead
    RC: CarlaZ
  • Dave's Cabin on the St. Croix for some cooling off
    RC: DaveT
  • Smoker's Motor Phyco ride to Veterans Memorial Park, Shakopee, MN
    RC: Smoker
  • After enjoying the hot, twisty roads we cool off in the creek at Wheeler
    RC: Riders
  • Down the parkway, around the lakes to Bunny's in St. Louis Park
    RC: TonyB
  • Choo Choo Restaurant & Bar, Loretto - playing chicken with the storm
    RC: ChuckS
  • Quick trip to Don's Little Bar, White Bear Lake, MN.
    RC: Paul M.
  • BrewFest or Bust - 17th Annual Clayton BrewFest.
    RC: Paul M.
  • Ken's Castle on Big Lake Carnelian.
    RC: Kenny M.
  • Ole Piper Restaurant & Sports Bar, Rosemount, MN.
    RC: Joe G.
  • Muddy Waters Bar & Grill, Prescott, WI. Met Bambi and family on route
    RC: Mike G.
  • In School Saturday Dentention at Wanderoos.
    RC: Paul M.
  • 08.11 Wed
    Sturges Park - C.R.A.F.T. kicked in; harald forgot camera - No Pics.
    RC: Mike R.
  • 30th Annual Hell Hole Party / Ride.
    RC: Duane E.
  • Pat C's pictures from the 30th Annual Hell Hole Party / Ride.
  • Claire G's pictures from the 30th Annual Hell Hole Party / Ride.
  • Brookside Bar & Grill in Marine-on-St. Croix.
    RC: Debra B.
  • Gas-Lite with stop at Nauti Hawg.
    RC: lissa
  • Cardinal Restaurant & Bar - Minneapolis.
    RC: Fred M. jr
  • Milacs Lake Toys for Tots Run.
    RC: Jim H.
  • Paul & Michelle's House.   [Felix shows up after 28 year absence]
    RC: Willie D.
  • TonyO ride to Dean's in Plum City with sign-in at Arkansaw Creek Park.
    RC: Tony O.
  • Keenan's 620 Club, St. Paul.
    RC: Mike G.
  • Klinker's Korner - Baldwin, WI.
    RC: Mark E.
  • Drifters Bar & Grille.
    RC: Mike G.
  • Davey Markuson Memorial Ride to La Crosse      (No Flood Run Pictures).
    RC: Mike R.
  • 09.22 Wed Northern lakes: Vadnais, Johanna, Snail. RC: Mike McC
  • 09.25 Sat  Cowboy Slim's Saloon and Beyond - to KJ's in Eureka Center RC: Dave T.
  • 09.29 Wed  Hopkins Tavern - Last Club credit ride.  RC: Chad K.
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Photos 2009
Bits & Pics Mish-Mash of pictures updated from time to time & not listed/displayed elsewhere.

Sat 10.10 West Bank Motorcycle Club Year End Party 2009       Photo Set 2
Wed 09.30 SunSet Ride - Last 2009 season ride to Big Rivers Regional Trail Park  RC: Smoker
Sat 09.26   North Hudson to Al's 'Booya Party' by way of Prescott, Ellsworth, etc         RC: Scott
Wed 09.23
  Choo Choo Restaurant & Bar, Loretto   Trains, Great Burgers, FUN  RC: ChuckS
Sat 09.19   Flood Run 2009 - Meet at Whiskey 10am for breakfast with 11am leave...   RC: Milo
Wed 09.16
  Keenan's - Part of the on-going 'Visit a Sponsor' ride series                    RC: Scarfy
Sat 09.12 So-So ride to see what's up at Roxie's Testicle Festival in Almena, WI    RC: Harald
   Sun 09.06  A few photo's from the Pre-Ride for Roxie's in Almena, WI   Here's the Ride Map
Wed 09.09
  9/11 Memorial ride - I'm sure the forecast rain will hold off                        RC: Scarfy
Sat 09.05 It's a good route with an interesting stop on the way to Wheeler, WI          RC: MarkE
Wed 09.02
Destination: Across the river to Lucky's 13 Pub in Mendota                     RC: MarkE
Sat 08.29 Wiggled through east Mpls and around St. Paul to the Glockenspiel       RC: Tracey
Wed 08.26
Wiggle around St. Paul, down Indian Trail & Afton to Muddy Water's    RC: MikeG
  Here is the 212 picture 'Unedited' set from the Muddy Water's ride
Sat 08.22 Ann Lake   Sign in stop on the way to Mille Lacs Lake for the toy run        RC: JimmyH
Wed 08.19
Putnam Gardens  The ever changing display garden of Andy & Lisa      RC: AndyP
Sat 08.15 Hell Hole The ride zig-zagged; Great time as usual. What rain? didn't notice   RC: Milo
    More Hell Hole Photo's:   Paul & Michelle       Hay Ride
Wed 08.12
Hot night for 53 riders sprinting to the coolness of the Outpost              RC: SandyE
Sat 08.08 BC Ranch. Loretta provided good route, heat, rain, lightening, pizza.       RC: LorettaB
Wed 08.05
In the spirit of Sturgis week we did the annual ride to our closer Sturgus.  RC: MikeR
Sat 08.01 Blondie's after a trip around the Mpls lakes & parkways.  Slow & Easy       RC: Scarfy
Wed 07.29 Scott's place. Self proclaimed 'shortest ride of the year'                            RC: ScottP
July 24-26 WBMC 40 year party at the Gas-Lite. Great camping, food, refreshments, etc.
    More 40 year pics from:   Michelle & Paul     Justine     Claire     Bike Game video's
Wed 07.22 Ain't no stinking detour gonna keep us from going the long way around
.   RC: GaryZ
Sun 07.19 Will ride far for Prime Rib sandwich & a brew or two.  Where's the Testicle Festival?
Sat 07.18 Gretchen Memorial Ride up to Lino Lakes.  Thanks Lou & Rosemary.     RC: Franz M.
Wed 07.15 Lots of corners getting to Sex World.  Next Boom Island & Mayslack's
.   RC: Smoker
Sun 07.12 Sunday ride to Red Wing Hill, Nauti Hawg, Boat Drinks via the twisted back roads
Sat 07.11  Dean's Tavern - Diesel Run for A.L.S 
Pleasant ride to run with lots of Harleys RC: lissa
Wed 07.08
Smooth ride to Ken & Deb's Place on the lake. Food, boat ride, fishing.  RC: KennyM
Sat 07.04  North to Osceola, missed the rain, then back south to the green estate      RC: MikeG
Wed 07.01 NowThen far enough from the cities to be called country
NowThen history RC: Rags
Sun 06.28 Meisters, Meisters and Meisters - Running among the Harley's.  Last stop: Little Bar.
Sat 06.27  Pickle Park after stop at EJ's near Coon Lake. Party at Paul & Michelle's RC: WillieD
Wed 06.24 Mark & Yvonne's place - Should have been Snail Lake Pavilion but...   RC: Mike McC.
Sat 06.20 Plenty of corners gettin' to
Klinkers Korner. Plenty 'Apple Pie' & food too.  RC: MarkC
Sat 06.20 Another view of the
Klinkers Korner run pictures as a slide show. All of the photo's
Wed 06.17 Hope Glen Farm  for goats & food & blessings & lightning; Oh My...    RC: Tony & Liz
Sat 06.13 Viking AMCA Show "Re-Cycle the 60's"; Boat Drinks; Nauti Hawg; more...RC: RogerR
Sat 06.13 Viking AMCA Show  View as a slide show. Let me know if like it... or not...   HiRes Pix
Wed 06.10 Miller's Tap, New Prague. Food, Friends, MN Valley Queen candidates.  RC: StacieP
Wed 06.10 Miller's Tap, New Prague. Pictures sent in by MarkC
Sat 06.06 
Didn't make it to Pickle Factory.  Ended up a rain ride;  Make that non-ride      RC: Vern
Wed 06.03 Another cool, crisp, not too long evening ride. CloverLeaf Bar & Grill RC RichardH
Sat 05.30  Gilby's Bike Show at PR's Place then on to Plum City & Boat Drinks too.     RC: Milo
Wed 05.27 Cool, crisp evening trip through St. Paul to Tavern On The Avenue        RC: MikeG
Sat 05.23 Purple Wrist Run to Bamboo Betty's for Bean bag and Hula Hoop fun.      RC: PaulM
Wed 05.20 Quick trip down the river and back up to the The Cardinal on a hot day.  RC: FredM jr
Sat 05.16 Enjoyed the Vintage Japanese Bike Show on the way to Don's Little Bar.    RC: PaulM
Wed 05.13
Winds made winding up the River roads fun getting to Mayslack's.          RC: ScottP
Sat 05.09 Last minute plans do pay off. It got us to Al's Center Saloon, Center City  RC: PaulM
Wed 05.06
Rain held off for a dry and patio filling Yarusso's 2 Wheel Wednesday  RC: ScottP
Sat 05.02 Could be twistiest ride to Drifter's. 46 entries on route sheet + 2 u-turns    RC: MarkC
Wed 04.29 Party host DaveMcL also did some picture taking. Here's his submission.
Wed 04.29 More pic's from DaveE and Hula-Hooping fun shots by Vern at Bamboo Betty's
Wed 04.29 Rain, rain go away...  Lissa still got 15 riders following her to The Junction.  RC: lissa
Sat 04.25 RC Dave McL shares his pictures from the West Bank Motorcycle Club 1st ride.
Sat 04.25 West Bank Motorcycle Club 1st ride for 2009 season.  Warm & Mild.  RC: Dave McL.
Sat 04.18 Spring Flood Run 2009.  More warm weather to start the year out right.
Sat 04.11 DeFrost Yur Nutz Run. Plenty warm to defrost most anything.  Pretty much YOYO
Sat 04.04 West Bank Motorcycle Club General Membership Meeting.
Sat 03.28 West Bank Motorcycle Club Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting.
Wed 03.04 1st Wednesday at The Junction - listening to 3 Beer Warm Up.
Sat 02.14 International Motorcycle Show.
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Photos 2008      Go to:  Video page    [ My test pages: Flash - Thumbnails ]
Bit's & Pic's Mish-Mash of pic's updated from time to time and not listed/displayed elsewhere.
2008.05.16-18 Milo & Z go to Hog Wild Rodeo in Conesville, IA 
  Jon Passki's ride pictures on his 'Flickr site';  7/2 DaveT's cabin
  Mike & Karen wedding pictures:  Set1  Set2
  KevinM's pictures from Apostle Islands; Mackinac Point; Allegheny National Forest;
    Mile High Swinging Bridge; Sproul State Forest; Flight 93 National Memorial;
    Deals Gap/The Dragon in the Great Smoky Mountains on Tennessee/North Carolina border.
    KevinM's videos from the Heroes of Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania
  See Milo's Year End Party video's on the  Video page  (direct link to the video's)
12.09.08 A couple of offerings from Hippie Lane & Hippie Chick Tina with the Indian
 Blind Lizard Rally 2008  Vintage bikes, vintage people, 1919 root beer, FUN

Tue 11.04.08 Harald's 2nd run at the gravel. 70 day.    Water crossing clip
Mon 11.03.08 Harald runs the gravel. Not working has it's advantages on a 75 day.
Sat 10.25.08 Ron takes us on some interesting roads to Buena Vista Park above Alma
Sat 10.11.08 Year End Party, Pig Roast and Awards presentation at Dick's Porting in Andover
Sat 10.11.08 Milo's Year End Party still pictures from his new video camera
Wed 10.01.08 Bamboo Betty's. Circle Pines. Large crowd just having fun.      RC: Scarfy
Sat 09.27.08 Stein Haus, Vermilion - Last 'official' club ride of 2008. Great ride.    RC: PatS
Wed 09.24.08 Lucky's 13 in Mendota. We left with 40 and arrived with 4?   RC: Tracey
Sat 09.20.08 Fall Flood Run - No sign of rain or floods just really nice sunshine.    RC: Scarfy
Wed 09.17.08 OutPost Bar & Grill  Great food, service, people, everything...  RC: SandyE
Tue 09.16.08 1st Annual Ambassadors Run to the Little Bar                                   RC: Lissa
Sat 09.13.08 Gas Light in Sandstone, MN - Drizzel & Rain but still a great time.   RC: SandyK
Wed 09.10.08 'Remember 9/11' Memorial ride.  Vinni shows he can lead a ride.   RC: Vinni G
Wed 09.10.08 'Remember 9/11' Memorial ride.  Photo's by Clair who slaved over the chili pot.
Sat 09.06.08 The really long way around to Kimball but finally getting there.          RC: MikeMcC
Wed 09.03.08 Yarusso's 1st Wednesday. Bike Show with pasta.                          RC: PatS
Sat 08.30.08 BlackSmith Bar. Straight line map don't mean straight line ride.      RC: Fried Guy
Wed 08.27.08 PR's Place in River Falls, WI. Raffle, bikes. Wild weather going home.  RC: Milo
Sat 08.23.08 Another of Tony's twisted rides over little traveled roads to Plum City.   RC: TonyO
Wed 08.20.08 Ken's place on beautiful Big Lake Carnelian near Stillwater.               RC: KenM
Sat 08.16.08 28th Annual Hell Hole party.  Root Beer, food, slide into the lake.         RC: Milo
Sat 08.16.08 28th Annual Hell Hole party.     Milo's photo's
Sat 08.16.08 28th Annual Hell Hole party.     Chuck's photo's
Wed 08.13.08 Marine on St. Croix.  Deb's birthday ride for ice cream and two 4 1's    RC: DebB 
Sat 08.09.08 Irvington, WI.  Lots of good roads to get there - Which to take...        RC: PaulM
Wed 08.06.08 Sturges Park, Buffalo, MN. Just a little gravel to keep it interesting.       RC: MikeR 
Sat 08.02.08 The Bar in Hastings. Nice ride to stay cool and view the falls.           RC: Scarfy
Wed 07.30.08 River Road ride to Scott & Sue's in NordEast. Mayslacks for Wings.   RC: ScottP 
Sat 07.26.08 The many twists and turns on the road to Urne and back.                  RC: TonyO
Wed 07.23.08 Fabulous Putnam Gardens.  A labyrinth of flowers & trinkets.         RC: AndyP
Sat 07.19.08 Jimmy's 60th Birthday Party at Rag's place. Rain and Fire go together.   RC: Lefty
Wed 07.16.08 Renegades, Savage, MN  Hot & steamy night for a bike giveaway.  RC: MikeG
Sat 07.12.08 Drifters Bar & Grill in Inver Grove Heights.  Hard to find but worth it.          RC: Lefty
Wed 07.09.08 Glen Hope Farm.  Quiet evening in a farm setting.                             RC: TonyB
Sat 07.05.08 Mike & Karen's place via Farmington, New Trier & Hastings.                  RC: MikeG.
Wed 07.02.08 Dave's Cabin on the St. Croix for his birthday celebration                     RC: DaveT
Sat 06.28.08 Mike & Karen's wedding reception - I got there late so this is the second half...
Sat 06.28.08 Wiggling past the rain storms down to B-Wells in Frontenac, MN           RC: MarkE
Wed 06.25.08 Joe & Stan's St. Paul  Flying the flag down Black Dog Road            RC: Scarfy
Sat 06.21.08 Great Circle Loop-De-Do Route to the Lane's for Mexican                      RC: LaneA
Wed 06.18.08 Boat Drinks, Prescott, WI  Shrimp & Oysters - West Bank dining at it's best.
Wed 06.18.08 Boat Drinks, Prescott, WI  Milo's pictures from the Shrimp Run to Boat Drinks.
Sun 06.15.08 Vintage bikes, vintage people, 1919 root beer, FUN.
  Blind Lizard Rally 2008.  
Sat 06.14.08 Vintage bikes at Viking AMCA Vintage Show/Swap meet at Fairgrounds    RC: RogerR
Fri 06.13.08 BBC boys came up. Kevin put on burgers. 'let's see how late we can stay' worked.
Wed 06.11.08 Junction non-rain/ride. 'smoker' gave it up - rain kept most at home. 15 signin's.
Sat 06.07.08 Durand, WI. Typical Paul ride to Shari's Chippewa Club. P'ing again. RC: PaulM
Wed 06.04.08 Snail Lake tour. The twisted tour - Around the lakes RC: Mike 'speedy' McCabe
Sat 05.31.08 Pepin, WI.  Followed the river on WI 35 to the Pickle Factory.               RC: MikeG
Wed 05.28.08 Newport, WI Clover Leaf Bar   River Road to 61 - Nice ride.       RC: RichardH
Sat 05.24.08 Eau Galle, WI.  No RC so Paul pulled up a good route to Bottoms Up.   RC: PaulM
Wed 05.21.08 TangleTown tour  RC: MikeMcC. Parkway; highway; around lakes; water tower
Sat 05.17.08 Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Show.  At Kline Suzuki then on to...           RC: PaulM
Wed 05.14.08 Tavern on the Avenue.  Another great sponsors you should visit.          RC: MikeG
Sat 05.10.08 Meisters, Scandia, MN.  Great route. No rain suit needed on way out.    RC: KevinM
Wed 05.07.08 Cardinal Tavern.  A visit to one of out sponsors just down the road.  RC: FredM Jr
Sun 05.04.08 5am leave - 285 mile jaunt there, 265 back for Slimey Crud Run. Well worth it.
Sat 05.03.08 Wanderoos or Bust. 94E, 64N, up C, left on P, Left on K -can't miss it.  RC: PaulM
Wed 04.30.08
Baja Sol Cantina for south of the border food - drink - party.                  RC: MarkC
Sat 04.26.08 1st ride photo's from RC: DaveMcL. Good pictures of snow in his back yard.
Sat 04.26.08 WBMC 1st ride of 2008 season.  Cool 35F Snow sprinkles & windy.  RC: DaveMcL
Wed 04.23.08 Good weather brought out a bunch for a short hop to Mayslacks.
Sat 04.19.08 2008 Flood Run. Not as cold and windy as it could have been
Sat 04.05.08 2008 General Membership Meeting. Good weather again with a good turnout.
Sat 03.29.08 Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting. Sunny and warm - lots of people showed up.
Thu 03.20.08 From Darrell in New Mexico where it's 78 and sunny - Lazer Lights on his VTX.
Wed 02.06.08 Another First Wednesday 'meeting' of the gang at The Junction.  Photo's by Milo
Wed 01.02.08 The First Wednesday 'meeting' at The Junction.  Photo's by Milo
Tue 01.01.08 The First pictures of 2008 are from SteveF of riders & bikes at the I-Cycle Derby
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Photos 2007
Bit's & Pic's Mish-Mash of pic's updated from time to time. Not always listed on What's New.
 WJ 4/18 set1 & WJ 4/18 set2,  WJ 4/25,  'No Bones Tuesday' 8/7,
  Vinni's Pics 6/9Kevin's Road Trip & tractor pull 8/12
Blind Lizard 2007   31st annual gathering of some of the oldest stuff you've seen

Scarfy's Shots: -- Photo's from Scarfy's collections - Thank's for sharing:
07/07/07 Dave & Deb's Reception7/4 MikeG6/13 Smoker's "Annoy the Rich"
6/6 Cardinal Bar5/2 1st Wednesday Ride,  4/28 1st ride of 2007,
4/28 Scarfy & Wade Party with ?08/15 Marine on the St. Croix09/12 Putnam's Gardens
09/22 Bugg's Place Old Time Poker Run10/14/2006 Year End Party,  9/29/2006 New Tier
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Sun 11/11/07 Back to Cindy's Bottoms Up for Vikes vs GB. 40+ & Sunny at 10am. 57 @3pm.
Sun 11/04/07 Cindy's Bottoms Up in Eau Galle for free stuff on each Packers touchdown.
Sat 11/03/07 Irma & Johns for an evening of good company. Some nice costumes
Wed 10/31/07 The Junction for Halloween    <no pics>
Sat 10/27/07  Scandia; Osceola; Wanderoos; Sal's on a Cool & Crisp perfect ride day
Fri 10/26/07 Milo's Place for his birthday   <Harald's Pics>
Wed 10/22/07 The Junction and on to Moose Country      <no pics>
Sat 10/20/07 Sunny & mild ride to Klinkers Korner; Osceola; Eau Galle; Maiden Rock, Prescott
2007 Year End Awards Presentation 10/13/07 (Sat) Photo's from awards handout.   ~hn
Year End Party 2007 10/13/07 (Sat) Harald's photo's from Fri setup & Sat party & fire.  
Vermillion 09/29/07 (Sat RC:PatS) Years last ride. Rain routed us to Moose Country (35E & 13)
Mound 09/26/07 (Wed RC:JimS) Ride cut short - we were running into a really big, nasty storm
Princeton, Mystic Inn 09/22/07 (Sat RC:GaryZ) A nice ride to peace and quiet in the country 
Bugg's Place Old Time Poker Run 09/22/07 (Sat) Scarfy's pictures.
Hope Glen Farm 09/19/07 (Wed RC:TonyB) This year we were up in the Barn (with the goats)
Fall Flood Run 09/15/07 (Sat RC:Scarfy) Really nice weather for a Flood Run
Putnam Gardens 09/12/07 (Wed RC:AndyP) A number of new additions to the garden
Putnam Gardens 09/12/07 (Wed RC:AndyP) Scarfy's pictures of the famous Putnam Gardens
Red Wing Hill Climb- 09/09/07 (Sun RC:MikeMcC) Lots of dirt flying and a fun time <No pics yet>
Narrows Saloon 09/08/07 (Sat RC:ChadK)  <No pics>
Tavern on the Avenue 09/05/07 (Wed RC:MikeG) Formerly Spanky's. Really good food.
Durand 09/01/07 (Sat RC:PaulM) More than one person said it was the best ride of the year
Twisted Road Ride 08/29/07 (Wed RC:MikeMcC) . Twist road ride leading to Snail Lake
Lake Mille Lac 08/25/07 (Sat RC:JimmyH) 17th Annual Toys for Tots Run around the lake
Dayton Port Park 08/22/07 (Wed RC:Smoker) aka Mississippi West Park. No rain or drizzle
Hell Hole Party 2007 08/18/07 (Sat RC:Milo) Rain, drizzle, drizzle & rain; The party continues.
Marine on the St. Croix 08/15/07 (Wed RC:DebraB) Over highways and through a tunnel......
Marine on the St. Croix 08/15/07 (Wed RC:DebraB) Scarfy's pictures of Marine on the St.Croix
Depot 08/11/07 (Sat RC:DaveC) To Faribault looking for a train. Bridge stop & shrimp after
Sturges 08/08/07 (Wed RC:MikeR) Hot, Humid - keep movin' on to Sturges Park, Buffalo, MN
Blacksmith Shop Shop- 08/03/07 (Sat RC:KevinM) Great scenery, food & suds. Balsam Lake
I35W Bridge Collapses 08/01/07 (Wed) 6:05pm I35W bridge collapses - google it
Scott's house 08/01/07 (Wed RC:ScottP) No bikers involved in I35W bridge collapse
Joe & Stan's 07/28/07 (Sat RC: Scarfy) Short run to see Victories then to Joe & Stan's      
The 'BC Ranch' 07/25/07 (Wed RC:Milo) Short ride north for wings and things & Tire Kick'n
Big Bang Run 07/21/07 (Sat RC:PaulM) Good ride on a hot day to taste some good brew.
Castle by the Lake 07/18/07 (Wed RC:KennyM) Good time up by the lake on a hot day.
Big Circle Tour 07/14/07 (Sat RC:LaneA) West, north, east with a bit of south thrown in.
Drifter's Bar & Grill 07/11/07 (Wed RC:Lefty) Great ride, great food & beverage; Fred's oops.
Dave & Deb's reception 07/07/07 (Sat RC:Doc & PaulM) 95+; sunny; food; drink; water spray
4th of July at MikeG's 7/04/07 (Wed RC:MikeG) Plenty of sun. Stop at Mercy to see DaveE.
Jim & Mari's place 6/30/07 (Sat RC:MarkC) Way far around the city, stop at Rum River.
A Friendly Wave 6/29/07 (Fri) A Pre-Ride cut short by a wave from an open garage door.
Boat Drink's, Prescott, WI 6/27/07 (Wed) East River Rd, Afton, Hwy21 to shrimp & oysters.
River Side Bar, Irvington, WI 6/23/07 (Sat) Winding road to a 'by the river' watering hole.
Blind Lizard 6/17/07 (Sun) Blind LizardLizard Motorcycle Club 31st annual gathering.
Wall Of Death 6/16/07 (Sat) Whiskey Junction hosts Rhett Rotten Wall Of Death all day show
Antique Motorcycle Show 6/16/07 (Sat) Lots of Antiques shown at the State Fair Grounds
Gale Wood Park 6/13/07 (Wed) Smokers round-a-bout Minnetonka 'Annoy the Rich' ride.
Wheelers 6/10/07 (Sun) A GREAT 250 mile round trip Sunday sprint to North Creek, WI.
Whistle Stop 6/9/07 (Sat) Late lunch then to Red Wing's 'Big Hill' & finally to the shrimp place.
Cardinal 6/6/07 (Wed) Short run to a new spot. Fred Jr. picked them up as a sponsor.
Rain Ride 5/30/07 (Wed) Schooners Tavern and on to Mayslack's Music Lounge
PreRide for shrimp 5/27/07 (SunnySunday) A pit near Lonsdale and on to Prescott for Shrimp
The Bar 5/26/07 (Sat) Hastings, Prescott and then John & Irma hosted a feeding til wee hours.
Antique Bike Show 5/19/07 (Sat) Looked at old Japanese bikes and then back to the Little Bar
Little Bar 5/16/07 (Wed) Easy ride to the Little Bar (one of our Sponsors)
Pickle Factory 5/12/07 (Sat) Down to Lake Pepin the back way
Mini Golf 5/9/07 (Wednesday putt-putt) MarkC takes us down 101 for a 'little' golf
Funky Town 5/5/07 (Sat) aka Mike Green's place. Included Birthday party for Tracey
Quick run to Alma 4/29/07 (Sun) Too nice of a day after the first ride not to go somewhere.
First Club Ride 2007 4/28/07 (Sat) Photo: DaveMDaveM & VernEharald (click a name)
Spring Flood Run 2007 4/21/07 (Sat) No flood and lots of fun.  Photo's by harald.
When Bikers Attack Washington Smokers returns with Washington, DC photo's.
Defrost UR nuts run 4/14/07 (Sat) Dave stayed on the route. Photo's by Dave Crooker
DeFrost Your Nuts Run 4/14/07 (Sat) Started the run but strayed off the route. - Photos: harald
General Membership Meeting 4/7/07 (Sat) At Whiskey Junction -
Photos: harald.
Vacation in Ca, Nv, Az Mar'07 Scott, Mike, Dave, Sandy, Jim - Scott's Photo's.
Road Captain / 20 Riders meetinging at Whiskey Junction March 31, 2007 - Photos by harald
Donnie Smith Bike Show March 24, 2007 - Photo's by Dave McLellan.
Whiskey Junction - St. Patrick's Day March 17, 2007007 - Photos: harald.
International Motorcycle Show 3rd Feb 2007 - Photos: harald.
Whiskey Junction - Exclusive first look at the refurbishing going on at Whiskey.  ~harald
  Short articles on Whiskey Junction refurbishment, 'official' history and an overview.
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 Photos 2006
Klinker's Korner Rain Ride Sep 03, 2005 - Photo's by John (it's never too late) Wynkoop.
What do skydivers do when they get bored? Photos by (or of) harald.
  You don't have to drink to have fun - and it's good exercise.   Submit your own fun stuff.
LakeVille Ride on 05 Nov 2006 (60 degree day) - Photos by Brad Haugland.
  Kevin, Brad, Scott, John, JimH, others...
Garage Party Oct 21 & 28 - Eau Galle Oct 29 & Nov 05, 2006 (57 & Sunny) - Pics by harald.
  Paul, Vern, Steve & Harald [No pictures of the Oct 29th ride to Eau Galle]
Year End Party 2006 Awards Ceremony, October 14, 2006 - Photos by Jenelle K.
Year End Party 2006, October 14, 2006 - Dick's Porting, Andover, MN. Photos by Darrell
Year End Party 2006, October 14, 2006 - Dick's Porting, Andover, MN. Photos by Vernon Eck
Last Ride, September 30, 2006 Don's Bar & Grill, New Trier, MN. - Photos by Vernon Eck
Fall Flood Run, September 16, 2006 - Photos by Dave McLellan
'We Will Not Forget' ride to Doc's - September 13, 2006 Photos by 'NoBody'
Lane Allen, May 20, 2006 Ride - Lane and Tina's House. Photos by Vernon Eck
Lane Allen, May 20, 2006 Ride - Lane and Tina's House. Photos by Bob Whitney
First ride Party 2006 - Dave McLellan host and photographer.
My Name Is Darrell - Photo's of his VTX. (submitted in April - Found and posted in October)
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 Photos 2005
John Wynkoop's Ride 8/24/2005 - Photos by Mark Koch
Toy Run at Lake Mille Lacs 8/25/05 - Photos by Roger Rimnac
Hell Hole ride 8/20/05 - Photos by Mark Koch
Marine on the St Croix 8/17/05 - Debra Bright ride, Photos by Mark Koch
Jim's house 7/13/05 -  Jim's ride, Photos by Mark Koch
Gretchin Remembrance Ride 7/9/05 - Lefty's ride, Photos by Mark Koch
Renegades 6/15/05 -  Scott's ride
West Bank M/C 1st Ride of 2005 4/30/2005 - Mark & Jenelle
Smoker - New Years Day 1/1/2005
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 Photos 2004
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 Photos 2003
Flood Run 2003 - Photo's and album donated by Wade Wendorf.
Hell Hole 2003
55th annual I-Cycle Derby - the chopper wins another trophy
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 Photos 2002
The Awards Banquet (year end party) 2002
The Last Ride 2002
The Fall Flood Run 2002
The Ride to Putnam Gardens Virtual tour of world famous Putnam Gardens. Worthwhile tour
Ride Night 911, 2002
Hellhole 2002
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 Photos 2001
2001 Year End Banquette
Hellhole 2001
'The Great Teeth Party' - Wed. July 18, 2001  This is one that will make you smile.
Saturday July 7, 2001 Ride
Album #3 Photos 2001
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 Photos 2000
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 > Fun Stuff (for adults only): 
  Biking in San FranSkydiver PyramidGabby's 7/13/2007Illusions
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     Drop me a line with the link (web page address) and picture number(s) / names, etcWest Bank Motorcycle Club Photo Hits Counter
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